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Every business and legal dispute is unique.

Small businesses have their own set of short-term goals, long-terms objectives, operational requirements, and personalities. Like individuals, businesses also have a specific set of legal needs. It is for this reason that a law firm needs to be flexible, innovative and possess the ability to customize their approach to every person and business that they serve.

At Thienel & Lusk, LLC, we represent small businesses, landlords, and individuals in Maryland and the greater DC metropolitan area, to protect their short-term interests and help achieve their long-term objectives. We adapt to the needs of every single client, whether it be providing counsel for small businesses and start-ups, representing business and individuals in Court, or helping individuals with tax problems or family disputes.

Real Estate AttorneysBuying a home is a major step in a person’s life, one that can offer stability and equity. We will make sure that your interests are being protected when purchasing your first home.
Family Law Attorneys, Howard CountyFor many Americans, marriage is the beginning of a new stage in life, one that provides partnership and support. By building your marriage on firm legal and financial ground, you can make sure it has the strongest foundation possible.
Small Business Law FirmIt is simply a part of life for many entrepreneurs. With the proper guidance, these disputes can be managed, resolved and used to improve upon a business.
Estate Lawyers in Columbia, MDWills are not only the cornerstone of estate planning, they can be tools to ensure the safety and security of your loved ones.
Startup Business in MarylandStarting a business is not a task to be taken lightly. If it is handled with the proper amount of care and acumen, a startup can blossom into a rewarding and profitable endeavor for a business owner.
Family LawyersNo event has a more significant or life-changing impact on a person than the birth of their child. For parents, securing a child’s future and providing them with every opportunity will always be the top priority.
Landlord Tenant LawOwning a rental property comes with a number of important legal and financial considerations that all owners should make.
Business Owner RetirementRetirement can be the first step towards the best and richest part of a person’s life, provided that the process is accompanied by wise asset management and proper planning for the future.

Our size allows us to provide a range of legal services while also giving you the personal attention you deserve. We recognize that our clients need attorneys who are experienced in providing a wide range of services, including business law matters, litigation, real estate, estate planning, family law, tax law, and animal and equine matters.

Many of the clients of Thienel & Lusk, LLC, have been with us for years and are people who we interact with on a regular basis. We take pride in the fact that we provide respectful, honest, responsive,  and effective services that warrant an ongoing relationship. We also welcome new clients to our growing practice who value a lasting relationship based on mutual respect. Contact our law offices at 443-535-9715 today to schedule a confidential consultation and case evaluation.

We believe that meeting the needs of our clients means more than simply ushering people in and out of our door. We build strong and long-standing relationships through the dedication, flexibility and problem solving skills that we offer those we represent.

Thienel & Lusk, LLC Can Assist You and Your Business

We are not your traditional firm. By integrating the latest technologies into our practice, we maximize the time we spend with our clients, providing them with the opportunity to communicate with us in ways that are the most convenient for them, whether that be electronically, telephone or in person. Through the use of technology, we offer efficiency both in the hours required to perform services and the time required in meetings with our clients.

Our law firm is flexible, making it a priority to conform to your schedule. We schedule meetings over the phone during regular business hours or in the evening, and offer our clients the chance to meet in-person at our Howard or Frederick County offices or at one of our satellite locations in Towson, Annapolis, Gaithersburg, and Downtown Baltimore.

At Thienel & Lusk, LLC, our business and litigation attorneys handle a wide range of personal and business matters for our clients.

Maryland Small Business AttorneyThese services include:

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When you require the skills of an experienced, versatile law firm, call Thienel & Lusk, LLC to learn more about what we can offer you. Schedule a confidential initial consultation by sending us an e-mail or by calling our Howard and Frederick County, Maryland, office at 443-535-9715. We handle all cases in a professional and timely manner. Let us tailor our legal counsel to meet your needs.

The Lawyers of Thienel & Lusk, LLC bring extensive experience and unique backgrounds to our firm and assist businesses and individuals throughout the United States with a wide range of legal issues. Our firm has developed on-going relationships with our clients and we continue to serve their many diverse needs in business law, landlord/tenant law, trial and appellate litigation, taxation, real estate, family law, estate planning and other related areas of practice.

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At Thienel & Lusk, LLC, in Howard and Frederick County, Maryland, our experienced lawyers provide skilled assistance and representation in business law, taxation, estate planning, family law and real estate. Consult with our firm about your business or personal issues and build a long-term relationship with your full time attorneys.

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