Maryland Bankruptcy Attorneys

While bankruptcy might not be the ideal outcome for creditors or debtors, it sometimes is best path forward for all of those involved.

The result of a bankruptcy typically means a compromise on behalf of all parties involved, though the level of that compromise is often determined by the negotiations and details established before and during the bankruptcy process.

Columbia, MD Bankruptcy Attorney Steve ThienelThe bankruptcy attorneys at Thienel & Lusk, LLC, can assist you through the process of collecting debts owed to you. There is still much that a creditor can do to optimize the amount of money they can collect should their debtor file for bankruptcy. We will pursue every avenue to make sure that you receive the payment for which you are entitled.

Assisting Creditors & Small Businesses in Maryland

If you have ever been owed money by someone who files for bankruptcy, you already know how frustrating it can be for a creditor. It is not uncommon for some creditors to receive notifications that they must return money paid by the debtor if the payment was made in a certain period of time before the bankruptcy was filed.

It might seem as if creditors have little recourse once a person files for bankruptcy.

At Thienel & Lusk, we can tell you just how important it is to retain the services of an experienced bankruptcy attorney to work on your behalf to collect the debts that are owed to you or your business. While the circumstances of each bankruptcy are different and highly dependent on the agreement between the creditor and debtor, there are still many avenues that a creditor’s attorney can pursue to make sure that you are treated fairly in a bankruptcy. We will provide you with astute representation to optimize your chances of a receiving the payment you are owed.

Helping Clients Through Bankruptcy

In keeping with our goal to assist our clients with all of their needs, we can also represent our existing clients in filing for bankruptcy. Our attorneys can provide you with counsel and evaluate the financial situation of your business to determine whether filing might be your best course of action and help you through every step of the bankruptcy process. The reality is that, while it might not be your first choice of action, filing for bankruptcy as a business might be the best way to keep your doors open and protect your existing financial interests.

Contact Our Bankruptcy Attorneys

Our attorneys are knowledgeable on all aspects of bankruptcy and we know how to use the process to your advantage and maximize your chances of a successful outcome. No matter what challenges your business is facing, we are here to help you achieve your goals and provide an encompassing legal approach to meet the needs of your operation.

Contact Thienel & Lusk, LLC today to build a relationship that will reap dividends. We are here to help our clients in every facet of their lives, from planning the future of their families to navigating the waters of debt facing a business. We consider it our job to look out for your best interests, and we build on our reputation on the hard work we put into becoming an invaluable asset to all of our clients.

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