Maryland Tax Attorneys

One of the easiest ways for a business to fall behind or run into trouble is through tax issues. Business owners have so many priorities to manage, and it is inevitable that taxes won’t be front and center on everyone’s to-do list. However, cutting corners or falling behind on taxes can have massive consequences for both individuals and businesses.

Bankruptcy Attorneys in Columbia, MDAt Thienel & Lusk, LLC, we know how important it is to get your finances in order. We can help make sure that you are prepared to pay all of your taxes on time. For those that have fallen behind or face audits and notices of deficiency, we can help you get up to speed, so that your business can stay on track. While some tax firms provide misleading information tempting you to believe that you will settle for pennies when it comes to taxes, our experienced tax attorneys will always make sure your taxes are paid the right way.

What Thienel & Lusk Can Do for You

We can assist clients in all of their tax needs, from their personal taxes to their business taxes. Here are just a few examples of what we can offer you:

  • Payroll
  • Sales
  • Real Estate
  • Estate
  • Inheritance
  • Income Taxes
  • Dealing with Audits or Notices of Deficiency.

Startup Business Tax Needs

It makes perfect sense that a startup business would find themselves in a situation where they are falling behind on taxes. After all, when an entrepreneur lays out their business models and their list of priorities, taxes might not be very high on that list. We can help you prepare in advance so that you never fall behind and that you always remain in compliance with IRS and state taxing authorities. For those startups who are off to a rocky start in regard to their taxes, we will work to ensure that you catch up and eliminate the possibility of falling unknowingly behind again.

Filling Our Clients’ Tax Needs

We work with all of our clients to make sure their tax needs are met, whether it be their personal taxes, their business taxes, or taxes that will stem from their estates. Our approach to taxes involves preparation and organization, so you can rest assured that your finances are in order. If one of our business clients has personal tax needs, Thienel & Lusk, LLC (Offices in Howard County and Frederick County) will be able to help in every facet of the tax filing process.

Be wary of firms that claim you can take shortcuts when it comes to taxes. When dealing with the IRS and your own finances, “shortcuts” can put you in a very precarious situation. We make sure that things are done properly and thoroughly.

For all of your tax needs, Thienel & Lusk are here to make your life as easy as possible, while still ensuring that your business doesn’t fall behind or run this risk of cutting corners.

Offices in Howard County & Frederick, Maryland

If you are facing tax problems, we will work with you to right the ship and get your business or personal finances back on track so you can get back to focusing on your priorities. No matter what your legal needs may be the lawyers at Thienel & Lusk, LLC will help in every capacity possible. Contact us today to learn more about building a relationship that you can rely on.

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