Great Lawyer for Landlord-tenant Issue

My experience with Rebekah was amazing, she was very patient, helpful and professional. My landlord filed a claim against me as I broke the lease, however, I did it due to a break-in incident caused by the fact that landlord didn’t change the lock of the apartment. Rebekah collected all the necessary information from me, listened to my expectation and finished the case within 3 weeks. Thus, I highly recommend her for similar cases. ~ Hengbo

Wonderful to Work With

We used Rebekah for a property tax appeal in Frederick. She took care of everything and made navigating a somewhat daunting process easy. And we prevailed. Yeah! ~ Douglas

No Complaints

Rebekah was very patient with us- as we were somewhat challenging clients. ~ Katie

Equestrian Matters

Ms. Lusk was an outstanding attorney. She helped me navigate through the judicial system in layman’s terms that I could understand. Additionally, since she is an equestrian and my issues were equine related, her knowledge and background helped me attain positive results. ~ Bob

Great Lawyer, Wealth of Information on Real Estate

I reached out to Ms. Lusk for assistance in starting a new business in the world of real estate. Rebekah was extremely knowledgeable and very approachable on the subject. She went a step forward and put me in contact with a couple of individuals engaged in the same business I was beginning to pursue. I highly recommend Rebekah as a starting point for all legal matters. ~ Nicole

Sometimes the Little Dog Wins

When a 70lb pit bull attacked and nearly killed our 10lb Silkie terrier, Rebekah kindly agreed to represent us. We lost in District Court but Rebekah stayed with us, arguing that we would win an appeal. In fact, we did win the appeal to Circuit Court recovering all of our $15,000 vet bills. We are eternally grateful to Rebakah and wholeheartedly recommend her. ~ Alan

Excellent Service

Excellent service regarding resolving an animal-welfare issue. ~ Anonymous

Very helpful! Great experience!

Rebekah guided us through a difficult sale that we were financing for a property that my parents had owned for 43 years. Documents presented to us by the buyer’s attorney were poorly constructed and Rebekah helped us to rework the legal documents without alienating the buyer, but still making the corrections and improvements needed to give us peace of mind when we finally settled. ~ Liz

Rebekah Lusk is a Fantastic Attorney

This is the first time in my years that I have had a need of an attorney, and of course, had no idea on how to find one. So, I picked one at random on the internet, and what a choice!

Rebekah evaluated my civil circumstance, and stood up for me in the most professional way possible. She ensured that I understood everything, every step of the way. It was a very emotional and stressful time, however Rebekah struck the perfect balance of empathy and focus during this issue.

I wholeheartedly recommend Rebekah Lusk to anyone! ~ Anonymous

Real Estate and Reconstruction Experience

I researched Rebekah’s background on the internet and her background in home construction appealed to me. I chose to buy a new home without a realtor’s assistance. Instead I wanted a lawyer helping me out. I will definitely recommend anyone considering real estate dealing without realtor’s assistance to have a solid lawyer’s backing. Rebekah was very knowledgeable in various considerations around entering into a contract with a new home builder. She explained the various Maryland laws that protect consumers entering into contract with new home builders. She explained the kind of stresses we might face while waiting for the new home to be done. She walked us through the contract and talked to the builder to change the contract with regard to certain options we wanted custom made. In fact, the builder’s agent appreciated us hiring a smart attorney like Rebekah and explained how the process of entering into the contract became easier with us letting the attorney handle it. New builders have limited patience to deal with folks who do not hire a real estate agent.

That’s just the start. While the home construction was underway we became aware of community HOA related pending community amenities repair issues that were not brought up to our consideration. Bringing in the attorney definitely helped us to have our interests protected both from HOA’s side and also home builder’s side. The HOA soon stepped up repairs needed in the community.

Rebekah checked with us the week before closing, to go over the HUD1 and HUD2 paperwork. She confirmed everything was in order and according to Maryland law.

Just when we thought it was all good, the brand-new home got hit by lightning and caught fire and suffered vast amount of damage. We had to enter a brand-new process of dealing with home reconstruction. Luckily our insurance was exceptionally cooperative knowing our circumstance of having just had the house warming done four weeks ago. However, we were faced with the prospect of home reconstruction having just gone through brand new home construction.

Since our experience with the new home purchase was so exceptionally good, we rehired Rebekah for legal advice in the process of hiring a general contractor to put our brand-new home back together. Again, Rebekah provided us with public websites to research general contractors with respect to legal actions against them and legal actions against clients. She helped screen contract terms from three different general contractors. Rebekah also made several legal recommendations with regard to our plan for modifications in the home with regard to safety. She helped us write addenda to the general contractors write up, thus protecting our interests.

The process of reconstruction was not straight forward. Because of various reasons the project got delayed by several weeks. Rebekah brokered a path forward when the general contractor stopped answering our requests for updates. She communicated with the general contractor by email and phone to make sure our interests were properly cared for. Rebekah took an approach of moderating peaceful conversation between us rather than an aggressive approach, which the general contractor liked. The general contractor became responsive thereafter. Overall, the general contractor placed us back high on his priority and worked with us exceptionally well.

Having an attorney well versed in Maryland real estate law and general contractor legal considerations was a good decision on our part. When you need that mediator to break the ice with general contractor/new home builder nothing beats a good attorney like Rebekah Damen Lusk. At one point, it even felt therapeutic to just speak with her and her reassuring us that everything will be alright and know that she is getting our questions answered.

We wish her well and all the success and we highly recommend her services to anyone. ~ Family from Laurel MD

Rebekah Lusk recommendation

Rebekah did a great job with my family law case. She and Steve Thienel are great to have on your side.  ~ Anonymous


Had issues with Baltimore City attempting to lower my property taxes. Was forced to hire a lawyer and unfortunately had no recommendations. Found Rebekah online amongst other lawyers, and after talking with her on the phone (as I no longer live in B’more) I hired her and her company. She was succinct, to the point, and completed the task in a reasonable fashion, and I would use her again for similar needs in the future. ~ Josh

An extremely competent confident attorney

Ms Lusk was successful in tracking down 2 of my previous tenants who have eluded me for years. She was phenomenal up to and during the trial which I believe was key in helping me finally bring these matters to closure. Rebekah is extremely professional and knowledgeable about civil matters. I will continue to seek legal representation from Ms Lusk for many years to come knowing that I will receive the highest quality of service. Thank you so much for all of your help. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated.  ~ Laural

Completely Satisfied

I have been involved in Real Estate for 13years within this time frame I have hired many attorneys. I am completely satisfied with Rebekah’s professionalism, skill set, knowledge and expertise. She is truly the best! ~ Tori

We won thanks to Rebekah Lusk!

Rebekah Lusk did a fantastic job on my landlord tenant case. She was always on top of everything, she kept me informed every step of the way and explained everything in detail. Rebekah told me exactly what i had to bring to court and helped me prepare for the trial. We met up an hour before the trial to discuss the case, I was nervous she calmed me down easily. In the court room she was professional, and knew the case laws that were pertaining to my case. She covered every aspect of my case and asked very appropriate questions. She had follow up questions to counter the defendants lies. She was prepared for everything. The defendants asked for a continuance and Rebekah knew exactly what to say so the judge did not grant the continuance. Rebekah was questioning one of the defendants and he was not telling the truth she knew the right questions to ask and kind of cornered him into telling the truth. He answered Rebekahs question with the truth and then tried to cover it up with a lie. We won our case which i credit to Rebekah we could not have done this without her. The court room and the judge was very intimidating as was seeing the defendants having Rebekah by our side during that time was great. It was comforting to have someone to fight this battle for us. Did i say we WON? I can’t say that enough! I believe that if we didnt have Rebekah on our side we would not have won the amount we did or possibly even won at all. She made her case about facts and supported them with case law. Rebekah proved the defendants lied in court and proved my case. I was very impressed with how she handled my case in the court room, she fought for me. Given the chance to do all of this over i would hire Rebekah again. Even after my case was over she is still working on my case trying to collect my judgement for me. It has been nice to let Rebekah handle everything when it comes to dealing with my landlords. If i have any need for a lawyer in the future I will call Rebekah Lusk. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family! ~ Kimmi

Professional Business Attorney

Rebekah Lusk is a highly competent lawyer who has a multitude of experience. We have had Rebekah on our side since 2010. Her work is nothing less than impressive. She attributes herself to a much higher standard and dedication to her clients versus other attorney we have dealt with in the past. She is also very personable and easy to work with. Highly recommended! ~ Star Financial

My personal experience with Rebekah

Rebekah was helping us settle a conflict between my tenants and us. Her communication as well as negotiation skills, both written and verbal, are excellent, which really played major role in resolving this matter. ~ Carlton

Rebekah Lusk

We hired Rebekah for a case we had involving our business. She settled the case for us with great communication skills, great knowledge of the law, and overall a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend her to anyone! ~ Sincerely, Happy Customer


Steve is very good and attentive. We have worked together on corporate, personal, litigation and other matters. He is good at breaking things down to there essence and simplifying complex issues. He is great to work with and timely responds when needs arise. I would unconditionally recommend him. ~ Ted

Great Attorney

Mr Thienel provided very good guidance for me when doing a fairly complicated will and health care document. He worked quickly and efficiently, was very accurate in his work, and provided extremely helpful guidance. His fees were reasonable and he made himself available when I asked.

I highly recommend him. ~ Lester

The best attorney one could retain

Unbelievably knowledgeable and responsive, particularly where it concerns family law and financial and financial planning matters. I truly feel like Steve cares about me and any issues that I bring before him – in other words, I’m much more than a client. ~ Rob

Recommended, without hesitation.

In 2003, Stephen Thienel handled the probate of an Estate where I was the personal representative. Based on his excellent performance, I asked him to assist my 72-year old mother in establishing a Living Trust and writing her Will when she moved to Maryland in 2006. He handled this with great tact, as my mother was in poor health, and was very conscious of her own mortality. When my mother died in 2010, Stephen helped handle all court filings and guided me in distribution of the assets to the beneficiaries. The distributions went very smoothly, due in part to Stephen’s anticipating potential problems back in 2006. Since 2010, I have continued to employ Stephen for preparation of tax returns for Trust funds established for minor children where I am the Trustee. In all instances, I have found he is quick to respond, and offers concise explanations of the alternatives, or of the required next steps. ~ David

Review of Stephen C Thienel’s Law and Tax Support

Stephen Thienel is very knowledgeable of legal matters pertaining to business. I have used him for several years now and he is always thorough and prompt in his responses. Whether providing business advice as I grow my business or working up my personal and business tax returns, you can always count on comprehensive advice and professional support. Starting a business can be a little stressful as you can only get so much from college and through performing research. Nothing beats real life experience and Steve’s support to my business has meant a great deal to me, and has served to reduce my stress and frustration considerably. I have enough issues to work through in my business. Having Steve to cover my back on legal and tax matters makes it seem like he is really part of my senior staff. I would highly recommend his firm to anyone, especially young startup businesses like mine. ~ Paul

Exceptional Lawyer

Stephen Thienel has worked for me since 2005. He has covered a wide variety task from Corporate legalities, to real estate transactions, to estate planning. He has handle all tasks exceptionally. ~ Barry

Fantastic Attorney

Stephen was very prompt and knowledgeable. He was quite attentive and addressed all of my needs; explaining and answering all questions to make sure everything was covered. Stephen was readily available to get back to me by phone to make sure I had all of the information needed to make an informed decision. Great lawyer. ~ Eric

Steve Thienel – Responsive and Knowledgeable

Steve handled my divorce which included some complex federal benefits issues. Not only was he always available and very responsive, but he was quite knowledgeable and able to guide me through the complicated processes that came up. He’s friendly and even-tempered. I always had the impression that he was looking for the best, yet most reasonable solution for me. ~ Anonymous

You Can’t Go Wrong With the Thienel Law Firm

I have been a client of Stephen Thienel for many years. He has assisted me and my family with IRS issues to estate planning. Each time we work with him I am impressed with his knowledge and patience. More importantly he is able to convey legal jargon in to something that I can understand. His pricing has always been very fair. What I also like about his office is how they embrace technology. I can work with him entirely online (email, web, digital signatures etc.) which is great. He has handled a sticky IRS situation for me, developed wills and living wills for my estate and I have his office do my taxes each year. I highly recommend Steve and his staff!  ~ Mike

Stephen C Thienel

We have relied on Mr. Thienel for both personal and professional legal advice for over 10 years. His problem solving skills are exceptional and his ability to communicate effectively have helped us tremendously. Absolutely, highly recommend, Mr. Thienel! ~ Mignon

OMG Thienel Law rocks!

Thienel Law has represented me very ably for many years in a wide range of issues, ranging from workplace disputes to estate planning. They are knowledgeable, dedicated, and passionate in their client advocacy. I couldn’t be more pleased. ~ Anonymous

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